Who we Are and What We Do (and Why it Matters)

I do what I do because I love people. I love helping people. It’s part of the core of who I am, and who the people of my company are. We get excited when we hear from a customer “Thank you so much! I consider myself a smart person, but I’ve never understood insurance at all. Now, I do.”

In fact, our goal and our mission statement is simple and straightforward. We crystalized this into our 5 word marketing tagline. “We Make Health Insurance Easier.”

Each and every word in that tagline is intentional. “We” because of our team approach. “Make” because of our active discovery and listening process. “Health Insurance” because it very specifically describes the very core of what we do, and “Easier” because, while gifted at what we do, we are not magicians. Let’s face facts. Health insurance by its very nature is inherently NOT Easy. It’s an abstract product that is very hard to comprehend for many. But we believe that through our people and our technology, we truly do make the process of shopping for, evaluating, buying, and using health insurance easier.

That’s why we love what we do.