The new Business Model for The Insurance Source

While we believe strongly that being compensated by the insurance company is the fairest and best way because it allows us to really take care of each and every individual whether they are a CEO or a day laborer, we do need to stay in business. If we are not compensated by the insurance company, we will need to charge the consumer directly for our services, like most professional services such as lawyers, accountants, consultants, etc.

We want to provide an affordable consultation fee so that even the most vulnerable among us can afford our service.

That initial consultation fee is currently $99.00.
If someone chooses to purchase a product from us, we will have an annual consulting fee of $399. The $99.00 consulting fee WILL apply to that annual fee. For this fee, we will help you determine which plan best fits your unique needs, help you enroll in that plan, and help you as your advocate with the many issues throughout the year, as well as day to day issues with the insurance company like claims problems, ID card issues, etc.

We believe we are worth much more than that and as a matter of fact, we have often been paid much more than that, but we feel that it is imperative to have a fee that the average customer can afford without undue financial hardship.

If we have been compensated by the insurance company at all, there will not be a fee to use our services.
We are not in this business for purely monetary reasons. We believe that what we do matters. We are encouraged when we hear from a customer that our help has made a difference for them.
But, at the same time, no business can survive without revenue, and we have not had any revenue at all for anyone we have helped in the last 2 months. It is for that reason that we are instituting our new business model.

We hope that you will continue to find our services very important and that you also feel our fee is surprisingly affordable for the quality work that we do.
As people actively involved in education and service in the health insurance world, and as Christians, we believe that there is a moral imperative to help those who may need our help but are least able to pay for it.

That is the reason we have developed this specific pricing structure and why we feel that it is a fair and affordable one to as many people as possible, while still allowing us to run a profitable business.