The MLR provision of the ACA

The MLR provision of the Affordable Care Act

In my professional opinion, one of the worst outcomes of the Affordable Care Act is due to the MLR (Medical Loss Ratio) provision of the law. This provision requires the health insurance company to spend 80% of every dollar on claims. On the surface, this seems like a great thing, and President Obama touts it is one of the laws strengths. However, sometimes a situation requires that you look deeper than the surface. The consequence is that the insurance company has only 20% of revenue to pay suppliers, operations, marketing costs, and profit combined.
Anyone who has run a business on any level whatsoever knows inherently that this is not do-able in the long run.


Who We Are and What We Do (and Why it Matters)

Who we Are and What We Do (and Why it Matters)

I do what I do because I love people. I love helping people. It’s part of the core of who I am, and who the people of my company are. We get excited when we hear from a customer “Thank you so much! I consider myself a smart person, but I’ve never understood insurance at all. Now, I do.”